Jamie Faye Fenton


My name is Jamie Faye Fenton. I am a MTF transgender, 59 years old. I now live in Sunnyvale, CA (Silicon Valley)

I maintained an Internet presence for many years, which I withdrew several years back. I have decided to make my pages and images available again.

What you see here is a snapshot of my web site from about 7 years ago. (The photo is from about 10 years ago)

At that time, I was writing a blog. Before that I put most of my articles and photos on this home page.

I have a lot of writing to catch up on, including a description of the many adventures that have transpired since this page was active.

I remain an enthusiastic supporter of several San Francisco Bay Area transgender organizations.

For many years, I helped operate Transgender Forum. I recently stopped being systems administrator, however I continue to write articles and contribute photographs. If you have technical problems with TGForum, please contact Stef or Alaina directly via stef@tgforum.com or alaina.tgforum.com. (If you send questions to me, I will just forward them on to them.)

Hobby interests include club dancing, sex, trains, technical stagecraft, horse riding, aviation, ham radio, and photography. My wife and I seperated in 2003. We remain good friends.

More information about me can be found on my professional biography page.

Jamie's Electronic Publications

Last Updated: 7/31/2003. For more up to date stuff, see the blog.

Many of my recent articles and photographs have appeared in Transgender Forum. With their permission, I am making them available on my home page as well.

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General Articles
Writings on Transgender Theory
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Articles by my ex-spouse, E. Fenton
My former wife wrote several articles about her experience as a significant other. They have been widely reprinted.